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Blast From The Past!

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2001/02A dark cloud surrounded the Hornets all season as plans for a move to New Orleans following the season were arranged, after the city of Charlotte refused to give funding to a new arena unless scandalous Owner George Shinn sold the team, Shinn who despite being found not guilty of sexual assault a few years ago had become a pariah in the town of Charlotte as fans and media both ostracized him, as the Charlotte Coliseum which once was buzzing with a sell out every night had turned into an empty morgue. However, the Hornets who would play strong basketball on the road persevered making the playoffs with a 44-38 record. In the playoffs thing would only get tougher as leading scorer Jamal Mashburn left Game 1 against the Orlando Magic with dizziness. However, Baron Davis would take up the slack and help the Hornets beat the Magic in four games. In the second round the Hornets would be forced to play without Mashburn who had been diagnosed with vertigo. However, there would be no saving the Hornets this time as they were beaten by the New Jersey Nets in five games.